Hiring the Right Property Manager Every Time

When considering an investment in an apartment building, one factor that deters investors from making that purchase is the idea of having to manage the building, and all that it entails. Its the fear of revolving around tenants and maintaining the building in tip top shape that holds them back. While keeping this in mind, if you are faced with similar fears, know that there is a way to overcome it. To avoid all the daily hassles of managing an apartment building, investors and owners hire capable property management companies. In this way, you wouldn't have to talk to a single tenant, or even hire a painter, plumber, or a janitor for the upkeep. As an owner or investor of a building, it is i

Improve Cash Flow to Pay for Maintenance Expenses

Behind every great apartment building is a solid maintenance plan, and behind every solid maintenance plan, is an adept financial strategy to fund it. In order to keep your apartment building appealing for all your future tenants; this financial aspect of owning an apartment building is perhaps, the most crucial. If a person walks into your building, may it be a guest or a possible tenant; the upkeep of the most basic necessities, the availability of amenities, and the overall ambiance that they experience; is your most important medium of marketing. People talk about what they like, how they feel, and they also talk about what they dont find appealing. So no matter how insignificant a maint

RE Syndication Basics, and REITs Explained

REAL ESTATE SYNDICATION Real estate syndication offers the opportunity to channel private savings into real estate investments for which other financing is not available. It has been a popular method of financing the purchase and sale of properties in the higher price ranges. The term “syndication” has no precise legal significance. It is a descriptive term for an organization or combination of investors pooling capital for investment in real estate. The responsibility, obligation and relationship of the syndicator to the investment group and the investors to each other are determined principally by the form of organization. Real estate licensees have been active in real estate syndication f

Structuring Deals for Private Equity Investments

Private Equity Investments With a passive role (being a limited member) in a private property buy and hold situation (as opposed to a loan), investors will invest alongside a professional real estate company -- often called a “syndicator,” “operator,” or “sponsor” -- that will spend the time needed to find an attractive property and to perform the related management chores. Since such companies are often aware of the benefits of diversification and may prefer to spread their own capital over several different projects, they will typically invite other investors to provide some (or most) of the capital required for any single opportunity. These investors will then share in some of the project

Basics Of Pooling Investments for Maximum ROI

What is a Pooled Investment Vehicle? As its name suggests, a pooled investment vehicle (PIV), sometimes called a pooled fund, is an investment fund raised by pooling small investments from a large number of individuals. One common type of a pooled investment vehicle is a mutual fund. The professional management team responsible for a pooled investment vehicle combines these individual investments into a single large fund that is then deployed for investment purposes. The group of individual investors are all stakeholders in every investment the fund makes, in proportion to the size of each individual’s investment in the fund. Pooled investment vehicles are sometimes organized as standalone c

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