The American Purchase is a Real Estate Investment and Asset Management company that markets and acquires multifamily residential and commercial real estate at reduced prices, for rehabilitation, rental income, and resale to the marketplace. The properties we acquire are in markets that are known for their value, desirability to live, general community employment, and median prices.

These properties are available at reduced prices due to a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Financial distress of the owners

  • Functional obsolescence

  • Unwanted inheritance of a property

  • Structures with deferred maintenance

  • A failing commercial business

  • General development opportunities


We encourage cooperative investment strategies in order to lower the costs of entry into investing in real estate for investors with less initial capital. Cooperative real estate investing allows multiple smaller investors to aggregate capital in order to invest and gain equity in larger real estate properties. Through investing in these high-income earning properties, The American Purchase can ensure value creation and passive wealth accumulation to its investors.