Join a Successful and Innovative Real Estate Investment Group that's Utilizing Group Economics to Purchase Income Producing Residential and Commercial Projects

Network. Collaborate. Invest for Success.

The harder you work, the luckier you get!!

              Mike Adenuga

              CEO of Globacom

Its better to be part of a great whole than to be the whole of a small part.

                 Frederick Douglas


The American Purchase is a Real Estate Investment Group and Financial Literacy company that markets and acquires multifamily residential and commercial real estate at reduced prices, for rehabilitation, rental income, and resale to the marketplace. We encourage cooperative investment strategies in order to lower the costs of entry into investing in real estate for investors with less initial capital. Cooperative real estate investing allows multiple smaller investors to aggregate capital in order to invest and gain equity in larger real estate projects. Through investing in these high-income earning properties, The American Purchase can guarantee value creation and wealth accumulation to its investors and affiliates. 


Utilize the pooled resources of our investor community to buy commercial and residential, income producing real estate and distribute wealth to its members at a lower entry cost.

Accumulate a portfolio worth $10 million clean and clear through leveraging and creative financing options.

Build an educated investor network where members can add value to one another and fulfill the group's mission statement.

Use the collective experience and knowledge of the group to take advantage of tax benefits and proper fund management.


Establish personal generational wealth plans for our member's children. 

  • Real Estate Investment Opportunities

  • ​National and Local Networking Events and Mixers 

  • Mentorships from Real Estate Professionals

  • Personalized Investment Strategies

  • Real Deal Tours and Walkthroughs

  • Real Estate Education​

  • Tax Strategy Education

  • Financial Literacy Education

  • ​Media Training Available

  • Earn While You Learn Opportunities