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Admittedly there are many ways to invest your capital, whether a beginner or high net worth investor, such as; High-Yield Savings Accounts, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), Annuities, Stocks and Bonds, Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Buying Franchises and Pre-Existing Businesses, Private Money Lending, and many other investment opportunities. Investors can also invest in products outside the current financial system like Physical Precious Metals, Collectibles, and Cryptocurrencies. 

Though these investments have proven profitable, we at The American Purchase believe no other investment opportunity builds generational wealth faster than Owning and Controlling Real Estate. Real Estate Investments can offer long term, consistent benefits and advantages. As many professionals in the industry have said, "They're not making any more land!"

Here are a few benefits to working with The American Purchase investing community:

Network With Industry Professionals

Participate in Larger Deals with Lower Cost to Entry

Positive Return on Investment and Compound Interest

Build and Retain Generational Wealth

Network With Industry Professionals

The American Purchase investor group is a very diverse group of students, mentors, professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors with differing skill sets and backgrounds from all over the world. Within our community, new investors are given the opportunity to connect with realtors, private money lenders, brokers, attorneys, contractors, and many more industry professionals to add to their networks. Whether you're a doctor, a stay at home mom, or a seasoned real estate investor, our investor group will educate you, source profitable deals with you, and provide you with invaluable contacts, resources, and industry specific knowledge. Many of the investors in our group have gone on to start their own teams and national brands. Our group succeeds with the growth of each of our individual members.

Participate in Larger Deals with Lower Cost to Entry

With the use of group economics, The American Purchase's investor community has been able to lower the costs and risks associated with investing into preexisting businesses, large commercial deals, and multifamily real estate. By lowering the costs of entry and spreading the risk amongst the members of the investment group, no one member has ever had to absorb all the costs and risks during our real estate transactions. The returns are the same, but the risk is mitigated.


The American Purchase also has real estate attorneys and tax professionals that provide us services at a discount due to our firm's economies of scale.  This ensures that all our deals are properly vetted, insured, and compliant with all real estate laws and business regulations. Our risk adverse investing options allow investors to feel comfortable in their investing, while still seeing a great return on their investment.

Return on Investment and Compound Interest

Investing in real estate also has many tax benefits and advantages. As a member of The American Purchase investor community, we get tax deductions on everything from interest paid and property management, to annual dinners and printer paper, as long as it's business related. The insurance on each of our properties is also able to be deducted. We're also eligible to receive long and short term capital gains on the money invested in income producing properties. With these savings, our members reinvest into current or other profitable deals, providing for compound interest, and exponential investment growth. These reinvestments and other tax benefits taken advantage of by The American Purchase and its members, are what help keep each of our investments growing, and our community closely knit.

Build Generational Wealth

One of the main goals of the American Purchase is to ensure that returns and dividends can be transferred to the children and grandchildren of our members. Through this generational transfer, The American Purchase intends to establish legacies for our members' families. By enforcing financial literacy, teaching proper credit usage, creating a solid financial foundation, and building a powerful "wealth legacy" team of mentors, you can ensure that your children will start out ahead financially. Will you leave your children with debt or a financial legacy?

Attain Financial Freedom

What would you do if money wasn't an issue? Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you help? What if your opportunities and possibilities were endless, and you could be, do, and have whatever you imagined? How would that influence the life trajectory of your friends and family members?  


By making the proper investment decisions early in life with the right group of people, systems, and trainings, you can reach your financial goals and achieve early financial freedom for yourself and family members! At the end of the day, The American Purchase's goal is to help its members become FINANCIALLY FREE. Free to live the lives their hard work and financial diligence has created for them. Join our investor group to build a real estate network, knowledge base, and portfolio that will lead to your Financial Freedom!

If you're serious about:

Building Wealth,

Being in Control of Your Time,

Becoming Less Dependent on a Day Job,

Increasing your Net Worth and Monthly Cash Flow,


Networking with Highly Successful Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors,



Join The American Purchase Investor Group NOW!!

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