Jarrett Powell Bey


Since The American Purchase LLCs manager, Jarrett Powell Bey, arrived in Sacramento, he has diligently studied finance and analyzed real estate deals to develop a deep understanding of the industry, and the local and surrounding markets. His graduation from California State University, Sacramento with a degree in finance and a concentration in real estate laid a basic foundation of knowledge that he's expanded with relentless study, networking, and team building. 


Originally born in San Jose CA, Jarrett chose to create The American Purchase LLC. in 2017 to provide a catalyst for smaller investors to pool their resources and invest in larger multifamily and commercial deals. He has brought his experience, drive, and professionalism to every aspect of the Sacramento real estate market. 

Jarrett is a savvy businessman, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed workaholic who prides himself of building and maintaining lasting relationships with industry professionals and clients alike. (You've probably seen him at your local REI Groups) When he takes on your real estate business, whether you are buying, holding, or selling, you can rest assured that he’ll devote every effort to delivering excellent results, seek the highest possible returns, and will always uphold his fiduciary responsibility. 

Passionate about real estate, Jarrett has been involved in building teams and researching Sacramento's submarkets for several years. His knowledge of the market, understanding of value, and involvement in all facets of the transaction; listing, analysis, marketing, design, and contractor oversight, give him a distinct edge as a broadly-skilled sales agent and property manager. His passion for social media marketing, collective economics, and  proactive approach is an essential combination in today’s competitive real estate market.

Anyone who works with Jarrett will agree that he is very loyal, dedicated, and driven to attaining larger margins for his clients. He prides himself on his keen ability to assess a situation, provide an effective and efficient solution, and implement the necessary changes to see the solution through to fruition. “I know how stressful and cumbersome real estate investing can be, and I just want to streamline the process as much as possible for my clients. I intend to make the biggest investments of your life enjoyable.” 

Jarrett P.