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Originally born in San Jose, California into an entrepreneurial family, Jarrett Powell Bey became enthralled with real estate when his family embarked on a twenty year renovation project on his childhood home. Throughout this property's edification, he was introduced to every phase of the building process and nearly every real estate affiliated industry. By age 15, Jarrett was actively assisting and shadowing engineers, architects, contractors, and real estate brokers to entrench himself in the real estate industry and better understand his potential career trajectory. His original major in college was actually architectural engineering, influenced by these early experiences. He'd eventually begin focusing heavily on community development, real estate finance, and other entrepreneurial ventures. 

When Jarrett Powell Bey arrived to Sacramento for college, he diligently studied commercial real estate and real estate finance. He also began analyzing real estate deals to improve his effectiveness in locating profitable deals, and to develop a deeper understanding of the local and surrounding markets. During his studies at California State University, Sacramento, Jarrett became the founding Treasurer of the MLK Business Resource Group, a student-led organization that brought business and internship opportunities to its members on campus. He also received the CSU Real Estate Scholarship & Internship Grant (RESIG), and a scholarship from Lambda Alpha International (LAI). He went on to receive his bachelors degree in finance with an emphasis in real estate, adding to his overall business savvy and investing knowledge. Knowledge that he's expanded with continuous research, ongoing networking and team building, mentorships, and hands-on industry experience. 


Noticing that there weren't many programs or investment groups catering to first-time or smaller investors, Jarrett embarked on a journey to find a solution. In 2017, while in school, Jarrett created The American Purchase LLC. to provide a catalyst for smaller local investors to pool their resources and invest in larger multifamily and commercial deals while simultaneously educating them so they can scale their investments into larger acquisitions. He has brought his life experience, entrepreneurialism, and professionalism to every aspect of the business. The business has since scaled and many of its initial investors have continued to invest and profit with The American Purchase.

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“I know how stressful and cumbersome real estate investing can be, and The American Purchase was created to streamline the process as much as possible for our clients. We intend to make the biggest investments of your life as enjoyable as they are profitable.” 
Jarrett Powell Bey (2019)

Since the founding of The American Purchase and his graduation from Sacramento State, Jarrett has become a savvy entrepreneur, a community leader, and a staunch real estate investor who prides himself on building and maintaining lasting relationships with industry professionals and clients alike. (You may have seen him at your local REI groups.) When he takes on your real estate business, whether you are buying, holding, or selling, you can rest assured that he’ll devote every effort to delivering excellent results, seek the highest possible returns, and will always uphold his fiduciary responsibility. 


Passionate about real estate, Jarrett has been involved in building teams and researching Sacramento's submarkets for several years. His knowledge of the market, understanding of value, and involvement in all facets of the transaction; listing, analysis, marketing, design, contractor oversight, etc., give him a distinct edge as a broadly-skilled salesman, property manager, and investor. His passion for social media marketing, collective economics, and  proactive approach is an essential combination in today’s competitive real estate market.

Currently, Mr. Powell Bey is working on completing an autobiography about his life's experiences, and getting a financial literacy course into the juvenile penal system. He provides financial consultations to retail investors, and workshops for the financially illiterate. He's also transitioning into cryptocurrency trading and blockchain development. In the community Jarrett is an organizer, fundraiser, and a mentor to the youth.

Previously, he sat on the Board of the Greater Sacramento Urban League Young Professionals where he Co-Chaired the Economic Development subcommittee. He was also on the Board for California's Capital Valley chapter of Teach for America.

Everyday Jarrett Powell Bey is getting closer to his goal of creating a remedy for the financially illiterate, while finding a solution to close the wealth gap that continues to grow exponentially around the world. 

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